Supervisor Sweeton to Host Meeting on Executive Order 203 Response

Supervisor Sweeton will hold a public meeting via Zoom on March 9, 2021 at 7PM to hear and record public comments on the town's proposed action plan for police reform in response to Executive Order 203. 

The draft plan, which was put together by Supervisor Sweeton and Chief of Police Tom McGovern can be found here:

The Warwick Democratic Committee urges concerned citizens to attend the meeting and make their voices heard.   Comments may also be submitted in advance to


Monthly Committee Meetings
Monday, March 1st at 7:30 pm
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Monday, April 5 at 7:30PM
Via Zoom
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Jennifer Echivarria
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Greg Galluccio
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Congratulations To Our Newly

Endorsed Candidates For 2021!

As 2021 is ushered in, I am looking forward to tomorrow, Inauguration Day.  After 4 long years of living through a presidency like none other, we all look forward to a new beginning -  a president who cares about the citizens of our country, who will do whatever necessary to stop the spread of a deadly virus.  He will listen to the science, encourage mask use and work to get vaccines available.  I am so excited that both houses of Congress are Democratic and will pass bills to help the average person affected by this pandemic.  

However, our local governments are controlled by Republicans.  For too long (longer than I can remember), there have been no Democrats on our Town Board.  The lack of transparency is glaring, the lackluster response to the state mandates to the BLM movement troubles us.  We hope to have a strong Democratic slate this year and will make inroads.  Our committee will also support county Democratic legislative candidates and County wide candidates.  

This year we have seen BLM marches and rallies in Warwick as well as a Biden/Harris car parade.  The Warwick Democratic committee has come out of the shadows.  We have a voice.   

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